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Triasima Private Wealth provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that a highly qualified team is taking care of your investments, while you focus on your other priorities. It is designed for professionals, business owners, executives, and other individuals who wish to grow their financial assets.

A well-established portfolio management firm, with a unique investment approach

+ 3 billion $
assets under management
+ 20
years of existence
Peace of mind
for you and your family
owned by its employees.
A fully independent firm.

First, understand your needs.
Then, be at your side.

We are specialists in portfolio management and devote all our energies to developing portfolios with a style and level of risk adapted to our clients' needs. Being totally independent of any financial institution, we are also free to make our own choices when making recommendations.

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Peace of mind

Our Private Wealth allows you to entrust your portfolio to a team of professional managers, without having to worry about it. Your portfolio will benefit from constant supervision and from our proven methodology: The Three-Pillar ApproachTM.

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Customized mandates to meet your needs

Our approach to Private wealth management is to develop mandates based on your very specific needs.
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