Triasima Portfolio Management is a renowned name among Canadian institutional investors: pension funds, insurers, foundations, and others. Its expertise is also available to individuals through Triasima Private Wealth.

Based in Montréal since 2000, Triasima serves a select group of institutional and private clients. We have over $3 billion in assets under management. Our founding partners are still actively involved in all investment decisions.

Our employees and officers are sole owners of the firm, which is independent of any other company or organization. Our advice and product offerings are therefore not influenced by any relationship with any financial institution.

Our sole interest is to take care of yours.

A well-established firm with a unique investment approach

+ 3 billion $
assets under management
+ 20
years of existence
Peace of mind
for you and your family
owned by its employees. A fully independent firm.

One name, one approach

Triasima is known for its Three-Pillar ApproachTM, an exclusive methodology that integrates fundamental, quantitative, and trend analysis in a rigorous yet innovative process.

This methodology allows us to deploy a robust investment process based on six core principles.

The six principles of our investment process

Well-defined tools

Our investment process is based on three analytical methods, our three "pillars": fundamental, quantitative, and trend. This means that all the companies in which we invest are analyzed from three distinct and independent angles using well-defined criteria. Nothing is left to chance.

A humble attitude

Our humble and disciplined approach allows us to avoid behavioural biases such as overconfidence, which often brings investors to make bad investment decisions.

ESG factors integration

The integration of environmental, social, and good governance criteria allows us to identify certain risks and opportunities linked to factors, while contributing to the development of a better world.

Complementary styles

Our portfolios are exposed to a wide range of styles, such as Growth, Value and Momentum. This reduces risk by providing stability of returns for the portfolio through the various phases of the economic cycle.

Sound risk management

In addition to building well-diversified portfolios, our team applies continuous risk management using state-of-the-art tools.

Rigorous sell discipline

The Three-Pillar ApproachTM identifies not only attractive stocks, but also those that should be sold. We do not hesitate to replace a losing stock with a more promising one.

Your team


André R. Chabot, B.Eng., MBA, CFA
Founding Partner, CEO and CIO
Mathieu Tanguay, M.Sc., CFA
President and Senior Partner
Scott Collins, CFA
Founding Partner and Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Marie-Claude Lamond, CPA
Vice-President, Operations & Finance

Client relationships

Mathieu Tanguay, M.Sc., CFA
President and Senior Partner
Nathalie Nowlan, M.Sc., CFA
Partner, Client Relationships
Alexandre Tassé-Larrivée, CFA
Manager, Client Relationships
Yanish Thanacoody, CIM
Manager, Client Relationships
Dominique Bagdian, CIPM
Senior Analyst, Client Relationships

Portfolio management

André R. Chabot, B.Eng., MBA, CFA
Founding Partner, CEO and CIO
Scott Collins, CFA
Founding Partner and Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Redouane Khireddine, CFA
Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager
Edward Antczak, MBA, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Nicola Haratonian, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Simon Turner, CFA
Associate Portfolio Manager
Giovanni Romeo
Senior Manager, Securities Transactions
Mostafa Mahmood, FRM
Financial Analyst
Daniel Germain, CFA
Financial Analyst
Salma Ktat, Ph.D.
Senior Specialist, Responsible Investment
Slim Jellabi, MFin, CFA
Financial Analyst, Responsible Investment

Operations and finance

Marie-Claude Lamond, CPA
Vice-President, Operations & Finance
Estrela Rosoninha
Manager, Operations
Simona Vaserman
Analyst, Operations
Rosina Lo Presti
Analyst, Operations
Sophie Bertrand, CPA
Senior Accountant, Fund Accounting
Stéphanie Medeiros
Accounting Analyst
Nicole Martineau
Consultant, HR
Marie-Josée Ortega
Premises Manager and Administrative Assistant

Regulatory and compliance

Michelle Brisson-Ferreira
Analyst, Compliance