Triasima Private Wealth’s service is designed for professionals, business owners, executives, and other individuals looking for a trusted partner to grow their financial assets.

It gives you the opportunity to fully delegate the management of your portfolio to a team of professional managers, as large institutional investors do.

Our client approach in Private wealth

type relationship
to portfolio managers
support and guidance
through regular communications and detailed reports

What is Private Wealth?

When you become a Private Wealth client, we start by understanding your story and the ideals that motivate you.

We then propose an investment plan that allows you to focus on these priorities with peace of mind, knowing that our team is focused on your objectives. We provide you with a customized portfolio through a rigorous, innovative, and efficient process.

The types of mandates offered by Triasima Private Wealth

We can undertake a wide variety of mandates for our Private Wealth clients, tailored to their specific needs, objectives, personal, professional and tax situation, investment horizon, and risk tolerance. These mandates generally fall into five main groups.

Growth mandates

Flexible mandates holding a broad universe of stocks of all sizes, Canadian and foreign, for investors seeking high total returns, primarily from capital gains.

Balanced mandates

Mandates holding stocks and bonds, for investors seeking long-term capital growth, low volatility of portfolio value, and steady income.

Income mandates

Mandates holding dividend-paying stocks, preferred shares, and bonds, for conservative investors seeking high current income and modest capital growth over the medium to long term.

Fixed-income mandates

Bonds mandates, actively managed, for conservative investors seeking regular income and capital protection at all times.

Specialized mandates

Targeted mandates for investors who wish to invest in specific asset classes. These varied-objective mandates seek to outperform their benchmark over time.

Your advantages

You first

We take your family and business situation into account when developing your investment policy.

An integral part of your team

We can work with your other advisors - tax lawyer, accountant, notary and others.

Accompaniment and monitoring

We communicate with you as often as you want. If there is a change in your life situation, we take it into account quickly.

First class security and administration

The custody of your assets is entrusted to one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Your assets are therefore totally separate from those of Triasima.